Oil and gas pipelines

Gas pipelines
The gas pipeline system, with a capacity of 800 million m³ annually, is part of Corridor 8. The length of the main gas pipeline is around 98 km, and it runs from the border with Bulgaria to Skopje. The distribution network already in place is 26 km long and the city network is 31.5 km long.
Planned development of the gas pipeline network in the Republic of Macedonia is centered on constructing new facilities for the production of electric and/or heating power, including direct supply to potential consumers, as well as upgrading the gas pipeline network in the region and beyond.

Oil pipeline
The Thessaloniki (Greece) – Skopje (Macedonia) 212.6 km oil pipeline is used for transport of raw oil from the port of Thessaloniki to the Skopje refinery. The oil pipeline was built in 2002 along Corridor 10 and its capacity is 360 m³/h, which represents 2.5 million tons annually.