Road infrastructure

         The Republic of Macedonia is characterized by a well developed road network with total length of 14.199 km, including motorways, national roads, regional and local roads. The main axes of the state road network are the two Pan-European corridors, Corridor VIII (east-west) and Corridor X (north-south). The state continuously invests in its road infrastructure in accordance with the National transport strategy, prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, assisted by the EU. New projects and maintenance of the network are done in accordance with the annual program for public investments.

         According to the current legislation, the Public Enterprise for State Roads is the authority responsible for managing, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection of the state roads in the Republic of Macedonia. At the moment, the total length of the road network in the country is14,199 km, of which 259 km are classified as motorways, 908 km are national roads, 3,778 km are regional roads, 553 km are international roads, and 9,513 are local roads.

Just like in other countries, in the Republic of Macedonia, the road transport has the largest share in the total transport of goods and passengers. In the structure of goods transport which is done on the roads in the Republic of Macedonia, the national transport dominates over international and transit transport. Road transport also prevails over railway transport.

The road network in the Skopje region is consisted of: national, regional and local roads. The national and regional roads have a total combined length of 361.46 km, of which 339.74 km with asphalt, 5.17 km are macadam roads, and the remaining 16.55 km are dirt roads or have not been opened.

Regarding the infrastructure, the City of Skopje is located at the axis of one of the most important international traffic and communications corridors, the Pan-European Corridor 10 (north-south).The table below gives an overview of the distances and the prices for transportation from the City of Skopje to different destinations in the region and in Europe.

Table 10 Distances and prices of transport of a 20-tonne truck from Skopje

Destination Distance (km) Hours Borders From Skopje EUR
Kragujevac, Serbia 320 6 1 670
Pitesti, Romania 730 8 2 1,050
Budapest, Hungary 800 11 2 1,000
Gebze, Turkey 850 12 2 1,100
Ljubljana/Novo Mesto, Slovenia 950 15 3 1,000
Vienna, Austria 1,200 14 2 1,250
Ostrava, Czech Republic 1,300 16 2 1,550
Munich, Germany 1,370 17 2 1,350
Aksaray, Turkey 1,470 18 2 1,600
Milan, Italy 1,500 19 3 1,350
Stuttgart, Germany 1,600 19 2 1,450
Frankfurt, Germany 1,700 20 2 1,500
Cologne, Germany 1,900 24 2 1,550
Batilly, France 2,000 26 2 1,700